Young Love And Family Celebrations Piling Up

I am sourrounded by young love – not on my own account I hasten to add.  That anxiety raising excitement has long gone!  But younger relatives and the offspring of neighbours and friends are all in the throes of matching, hatching or despatching in some form or other.   There are at least 4 weddings next year – I’m hoping very much the ones who know each other and will have mutual guests have all had a conversation regarding clashes of dates . . . .    Then there are a couple of babies due next year also.  Sadly there are two mothers both in the fading years of their lives, something not quite so joyous but needing attending to eventually.

Whenever there is a family gather, celebration or anniversary, we like to get the right kind of gift.  Browsing a site dedicated to the more loved up end of the equation makes absolute sense – they are experts in the field!