Wedding Traditions Change Over time

The happy sound of weddings tinkling in the air.  Funny how we tend to cheer uyp as soon as we see a bridal car go by and happy thoughts flood the mind – mind often includes the thought of all that wonderful food to be had at the wedding breakfast.  Now there’s an interesting question, why do we refer to it as a wedding breakfast – the answer is that before the days of discos being needed or hog roasts and drinks later on in the day, the wedding would always be after mass – the bridal party would of course fast before any mass and so the first meal after that would be the breakfast.   Weddings had traditionally been during the week and of course because families lived near each other, there were not great hoards of family or guests arriving by coach or car.  It was all done within one village as a rule.   Weddings changed over to Saturdays when more women started going out to work and it was easier to fix for guests to attend a Saturday wedding rather than everyone have to take a day off work to attend a weekday one.