Royal Wedding Dress The Epitomy Of Elegance

Ah this last weekend was very special in terms of the press being given a truly magnificent spectacle to make a deal over.  There has been a royal wedding this spring.    Younger of the Prince of Wales married an outstandingly attractive, intelligent and kindly lady and of course, the royal wedding has been the major topic in the papers and on tv for weeks.  We are now just getting the best of the  photographs in the press and on tv.    I’m sure the cheeky paige boys and flower girls were instrumental in making his a much more relaxed and slightly less stuffy occasion.  The couple are obviously madly in love with each other and just like his brother marrying in 2011, the really strong bond between the couples was evident.     The bride’s wedding dress was absolutely stunning, completely crease free when she got out of the car.  The evening party dress was by Stella McCartney and that too was out of this world.