Puppy Love In The Old Fashioned Sense

A young couple I know are very busy running their web based company.  It takes a lot of hands on time and they have a business office in town and banks of computers at home.  They are on the go all the time and it did seem as though there was never any break from the calls from clients.  Then they got a puppy.  Whooh, fun and games came with him and great joy in equal measure.  He matured enough to be taken to the office where he resides in splendour on the visitor chair.  When there’s a head count, he’s HR Manager . . . .  Agility and behavour classes have been attended and it’s all hunky dory.  The gifts sought for the owners to give each other have swung from the romantic and soppy to the down to earth essentials needed for the next dog show camp out. Who says romance is dead!