How Sewing Talent Could Make You Ma-In-Law’s Favourite

Getting to grips with the summer wardrobe – now that’s not been something I’ve organised in anyway other than buying in a store.  I’ve never had the gumption to lear to sew clothes.  Of course I’ve learned to sew small things, like taking up hems or repairing rips in garments.  I have also been known to make two table cloths and three aprons.  Not a sparkling work output it has to be said!   this is totally the opposite to one of my sisters who showed a family talent very early on and has happily made absolutely anything that she’s fancied. Sees a pattern and nothing gets in the way of her actually conjuring up these exsquisite items.  There have been many.   At school she made her own uniform skirts and blouses and then moved onto neat little lined suits – a touch of tailoring passed to her by her boyfriend’s mother, even before they became in-laws.  My sister met absolute and unshakeable approval on the basis that she was a great little seamstress!