Enter Bride No. 7 – Romantic Gifts Needed

I have a relative now in her 30s who is always popular and gets invited to all kinds of social gatherings.   Weddings are very up on the scale this summer.  I think at the last count she was attending number six of seven invites this year.  Fortunately all the main weddings were between folk who already have their homes set up, have no need for toasters, wine racks, tea pots or else.  Just begging for honeymoon funds is the norm now.  The other weddings are between couples who are connected with business in some way – customers or suppliers.   These need a careful perusal of the online gift sites that are geared up to romantic, wedding shaped gift needs.  Some are brilliant – they have just the ideas there that set off inspiration.  Personalised cosmetic bags and travel towels seemed to be very gratefully received.  Quite a hit scored this year with the online gift buying schemes.