Bubbly Without The Valentine’s Day Price Hike

The best way to celebrate a smoochy valentine’s day for me is definitely not with chocolates.  This falacy that women love great big boxes of chocs is so out of the question these days.  Most would rather have a nice expensive little jewel, but given the fact this is going to set the bloke’s bank balance back several thousand more than a box of chocs, it’s obvious why the former has stood it’s ground in the advertising world.  I am hosting a pal for a week soon – she comes over from a sunny meditteranean islke for 2 weeks every February.  I get the last leg of the trip.  We always like a little bubbly here and there. We don’t want it for any romantic purposes – we being just plain old working pals.  So I decided to enlist the help of this wonderful gift site and found exactly what I was looking for at a fraction of the price.