Birthday Bash Brings Surprise Reunions

The sweetness of young chaps can take you by surprise.  The nice young chap who is my daughter’s partner is very thoughtful and for her bigish birthday recently he wanted to give her a party as a treat.  We have never been very big party givers or goers in our family, usually we approach them with trepidation and anxiety – social misfit fears coming to the surface evidently!  Anyway, no was not an option so emailed invites went out to all corners of the home counties and amazingly, maybe due to the scarecity value, everyone accepted, perhaps rightly assuming that this was so rare a chance to meet up, it might not occur again this millennium!

The birthday girl had the most wonderful time.  Long lost relatives arrived and greeted each other gratefully and warmly.  Everything went off very smoothly – the host truly excelled himself, with a vast amount of help from his equally impressive parents.