Avoid Yuletide For Winter Wedding Bargains

There is something really romantic about a Christmas wedding.  Apparently.  I have never thought about it before now but having a daughter who could well be making arrangements before this century is out, I was tempted to look around online at some of the wedding venue sites within a reasonable radius of her humble abode.  Things have moved on dramatically since my day, when you walked out with your young man, several dates later you might be asked if he could hold your hand and he would have to ask the father’s permssion for her hand in marriage. Quaint.  Now some parents are lucky if they hear about plans before the save the day and wedding invites arrive on facebook.  The cost of weddings is heavily weighted – the very word wedding hikes an ordinary venue booking by a couple of thousand. Winter weddings, especially midweek, are cheaper and good value.  Except within the Christmas catchment period!