Ahhh – Weddings A-Plenty Now It’s Spring

Although the cost of weddings has apparently shot through the roof of late, this does not seem to be stemming the throngs of couples tying the knot at this time of the year. Maybe it really does have something to do with our love of the spring itself with gorgeous bright dawns and long deep sunsets. Perhaps we are following our natural rythm of the year to start afresh after winter – new season, new couple together. whatever, it needs some organisation and the happiest of weddings seem to be those that have a great deal of home made input. To sit together at the wedding breakfast with little favours made by the bride and her attendants is special – I still have a box of much loved little tokens that have come my way in that fashion. From the pretty napkin rings to ribbons round the cutlery. The habidashers are stocking up with gorgeous fabrics and notions for this very special time of the year.