A Wedding Is A Joyful Chance To Get Dolled Up

I have recently responded to a heritage property advertisement for room steward volunteers.  They are making a big thing about a newly renovated and revitalised parlour and below stairs visitor attraction.  I actually missed the original call to arms as it were – not sure how that was, maybe not living in exactly the catchment area for the local community newspaper.  Anyway I emailed a request for further details, explaining that I am a fan of visiting historic houses and hold membership of the three major organisations.  When I investigated them online, I discovered they have beefed up their wedding venue side of the business too and that side would have given me much more satisfaction.  Seeing young folk on their special day, making that all important start in life together, though most folk marry several years after actually setting up home together.  It’s still a lovely romantic day and a chance for the mums and aunties to really go to town !