A Summer Of Wedding Experiences

My daughter has been to several weddings this year.  She is a popular guest as is her partner.  They have had the joy of seeing a variety of dresses, venues, receptions, civil services, church services.  It has been a most interesting, if a tad expensive, year to date.   One thing it has done is to make the no. 1 daughter & partner think twice about which direction they want to move!  There have been some quite quirky elements in some of the family weddings – one I also attended was a cousin, and the shared grandmother was there.  Poor old dear has been afflicted with dementia for a couple of years.  She had deteriorated badly by this wedding from the sister of the groom’s do some 3 years ago.  The need to keep her quiet was overhwelming but we got there eventually.  At least this couple did not have a bridezilla in the offing!  Just and Granzilla instead.