A Stern Talk To The Mirror Works Miracles

There are always difficult times in everyones’ lives – it’s impossible to get through an entire year without a tragic occurence, or just unfortunate mishap.  This is when we look to our friends, partners, lovers for the support we need.  It’s not always easy to co-ordinate thought and deed when you’re consumed with angst.  Usually of course this is made up 90% selft pity and 10% being genuinely hard done by.  The way to rid yourself of the self pity part is to just look in the mirror – what do you see?  When this irritating state of affairs affects me – rather more often than I like to admit to, I do indeed look long and hard in that mirror.  I tell myself that I look damned good – nay fantastic for my age and my hair doesn’t look too horrendous either.  Amazing how a little self belief can really bring a change in all ways.